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Our History

Modernizing the Construction Method

Aluminum formwork panels were first invented and introduced in the 1960’s as a lighter and less expensive alternative to steel. As urban development continues to rapidly expand around the world, so too does the global demand for efficient and effective construction methods. Aluminum continues to be a proven industry leading option for concrete poured buildings and construction projects of all types.
Two Decades of Excellence
Aluforms was originally established in 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. For over 20 years, we have provided superior aluminum formwork systems internationally. Since our inception, we have greatly expanded the scope of our company, opening main branches in South Korea and Thailand to better immediately serve our global clientele.
Extensive Track Record
Throughout the years, Aluforms has a proven record of providing the highest quality formwork systems available. Having produced over 10,000,000 m2 in aluminum formwork for over 1000 different projects, Aluforms has played a major role in the adoption of innovative construction strategies around the globe and especially in emerging countries.
The Aluforms brand is all about producing the most advanced aluminum formwork strategies on the market, as well as providing the most knowledgeable and reliable experts to ensure our customers are receiving the best service throughout the entire process. Those who have had experience with Aluforms products know firsthand the value we provide and how much we can reduce construction schedules and overall costs.